23 May 2006

Just finished reading....

Jennifer Apocaca's Thrilled to Death: A Samantha Shaw Mystery

This was kind of a fun read. In this book, the fifth in the series, Sam and Gabe are "combining" their businesses. Gabe is moving his P.I. office next door to Sam's matchmaking service "Heart Mates". They've torn down the wall between the two spaces and Sam is working on getting her P.I. license.

Meanwhile, a protege of Sam's magician grandfather comes to town. Barney mentored Shane Masters, who is now a well-known performer whose shtick is revealing the secrets of magicians in his "spoiler" shows. Barney is not happy about Masters' visit, and when someone threatens to kill the visiting magician, he accuses Sam's grandfather.

This is light, enjoyable mystery. The characters are sympathetic, and it's easy to get drawn into the story.

Next up: Heart of the World by Linda Barnes.

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