30 May 2006

Just finished reading...

Heart of the World, by Linda Barnes.

In this outing, Carlotta Carlyle's Little Sister Paolina has been kidnapped. Carlotta is accustomed to finding missing kids for other people. Being the person whose child is missing
(Carlotta's relationship with Paolina is complicated: mother-daughter, older sister-younger sister?) is a totally new experience. Paolina's mother seems unconcerned, saying she believes Paolina ran off to be with her father, a sometime Colombian drug lord.

Carlotta does find evidence of Paolina being taken to Colombia, and goes there herself.
This book is a little different from the usual Carlotta Carlyle novel, in that most of the story takes place in Colombia, rather than in Boston. We see Carlotta not as a professional investigator, but as a desperate person trying to find a missing loved one.

A gripping story, with some great character development.

Next up: Lisa Scottoline's Dirty Blonde.

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