12 May 2006

Mother's Day

Katy is leaving tonight to spend the weekend at a Ren Faire, with her mother, and Sean will be joining them on Sunday, so I won't be seeing them.

Thursday nights are usually family dinner nights at our house. Last night was one of them.
Imagine my surprise when Sean showed up with a card and gift for me. Seems he and Katy had conspired with Tod to make sure dinner would be happening so that they could give me a Mother's day present: a card that's sweet but not too
mushy, and a photo album for our Ireland trip.

Since each of us has a digital camera, we'll be taking lots of pictures, and they thought we should have a special album for them.

Katy said that though I'm not their biological mother, I'm certainly a "mother-like" figure.

Three years ago, these kids weren't sure if they wanted to be in the same room as I. Things certainly have changed. Thank goodness!

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