19 February 2007

Claire Fontaine, Crime Fighter by Tracy Enright

Given the size of my TBR piles (there's the books I have checked out from the library and the books I own, not to mention my library request list), I really don't need to browse the shelves for new books to read. But, I still do, and the last time I did, I came across this book.

I checked it out because of the subtitle: A novel of life and death... and shoes. (Italics are theirs.) Our heroine, Claire Fontaine, is an almost-thirty heiress, who gets a hankering to be a private investigator. So, her father, who knows the right people, gets her a job with one by the name of Henry Bennett, a jaded ex-cop who is certain that Claire will be more hindrance than help.

He mocks her designer clothes (and shoes), and her vintage Mercedes, and when they interview suspects, he warns her (unsuccessfully) to keep her mouth shut. When she bonds with a witness over things like self-tanner and poor lighting, he gets frustrated, but in the end she wins him over.

A light, charming, and funny read.

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