04 April 2007

Just finished reading....

Death Comes for the Fat Man by Reginald Hill.

The "Fat Man" of the title is indeed Andy Dalziel, who is critically injured in an explosion. Peter Pascoe is also injured, though not as badly, and once released from hospital he sets out to learn who put his partner in a coma.

The news topic of the day is terrorism, and that is the basis for Peter's investigation. But was it really terrorists who set the bomb, or some other type of vigilante group?

Not fully recovered from his own injuries, Peter gets himself assigned to a covert anti-terrorist force, to the disappointment of Sgt. Wield and Peter's wife, Ellie, who try unsuccessfully to convince Peter to take it easy after his own physical and emotional trauma.

I'm not going to reveal outright whether or not Andy dies, but I will say that the conclusion of the book is very satisfying, and gives hope that this is not the end of the series.

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