01 May 2007


Last weekend, Tod and I went to Vancouver. Although our main reason was to visit a woman I've always thought of as my second mom, we also did a lot of touristy stuff.

On Saturday morning, we did a little shopping at a knitting store that had been recommended by a friend of Winona's (mom2).

Then we checked out the Capilano Suspension Bridge. If you know me, you'll be aware that I'm quite acrophobic, but I knew that this was something Tod would enjoy. Besides, I managed to make it to the top of Blarney Castle, so I was determined I could manage this, too.
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Okay, I was a little nervous

Then we went to Granville Island, where we had lunch at the Public Market. I introduced Tod to Montreal smoked meat, which proved to be quite a success. Because it was Saturday (and the first nice day after several rainy ones) the place was packed, so we had to eat outside. There was a sign warning us to protect our food from seagulls, which I didn't photograph (because I was busy guarding my lunch), and also a duck warning, which I did.
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Sunday, we went to the UBC Museum of Anthropology, which has an amazing collection of First Nations artifacts, particularly totem poles. After that, we went to Queen Elizabeth Park, where we had a lovely brunch at Seasons restaurant, and then we toured the Bloedel Conservatory, which not only has flowers, but lots of birds wandering around.
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You thought I was kidding?

Sunday evening, we had dinner with Winona and and some of her family at an Indian restaurant. The Ducks were in town, playing the Canucks, and we could hear cheering all around us (including outside) when the home team scored. There was absolute silence when the Ducks scored. I have to admit I was cheering for the Ducks.

We headed home on Monday, though not before doing a little shopping, including one more knitting shop. And, by the way, I spent less than $150 (Can) on knitting stuff.

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