04 June 2007

Just finished reading...

Thistle and Twigg by Mary Saums

This is the first book in a promising new series about Jane Thistle, who moves to a small town in Alabama after her husband's death. An army widow, Jane has lived all over the world, but visited Tullulah once, and decided that it would someday be home.

Soon after her arrival, she meets Phoebe Twigg, who has lived in Tullulah all her life. Though very different (or perhaps because of it) they become close friends.

Walking through the woods near Jane's home, they stumble upon a dead body. Jane's eccentric neighbour, Cal is arrested for the crime, and the two women set out to prove him innocent.

Jane and Phoebe are both quite engaging characters, and the author's method of having each narrate alternate chapters is quite effective.

I look forward to more in this series.

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