30 July 2007

What I did on my summer vacation

Photos taken (with my camera-- more on Tod's, Katy's and Meg's): 324
Books read: 4.75
Books heard: .25
Knitting projects completed: 3
Mountaintops reached: 2
Pretty tropical cocktails with umbrellas drunk: 2
Shave ices eaten: 2
Fresh-off-the-tree pineapples eaten (not by myself): 2
Fresh-from-the-tree mangoes eaten (by myself, though not all at once): 3
Luaus attended: 1
Boats sailed on: 2
Boats (not sailboats) ridden on: 2
Gardens visited: 3
Shoes purchased: 2 pairs
Skirts purchased: 2
Dresses purchased: 1
Caps purchased: 2
Gifts purchased: that's a secret!

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