21 July 2007

I broke my Tevas!!!

I believe it was in the summer of '97 that my friend Marcus came to visit me in Prince Albert, SK, and we went to Lake Waskesiu for a few days. The weather was warmer than we expected, so we both bought new Tevas (which, incidentally, matched).

These Tevas came with me on this trip, and I've been wearing them when we go hiking. Yesterday, we drove the road to Hana, stopping to hike a few trails. (We stopped at the Garden of Eden, but that's another story.)

On the way back to Lahaina, we stopped at the mall in Kahului to see if they had the koa wood earrings I've been looking for. As we were walking through the mall, my shoe started flapping oddly. I looked down. Everything seemed okay. Kept walking. Still felt funny. Finally lifted up my foot to see the bottom part of the sole hanging off. I decided I didn't really need koa wood earrings, and dragged Tod to the Walking Store which was conveniently located in the mall. Bought a fancy new, improved pair of Tevas -- blue, not green. With padding under the straps and everything.

Tod can't believe that I actually broke a pair of Tevas. I'm glad I did, cuz now I have the fancy new ones. And they're not green!

My one regret is that I didn't take a photo of them for evidence before letting the shoe store clerk trash 'em. Oh, well. I think I'll get over it.

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