14 September 2007

I frog, therefore I am....

Yesterday was a dark day. I had to frog two WIPs.
First I had to kill the sari silk shawl I was almost finished. I'd started binding off at knitting group on Wednesday night, and dropped a stitch. I put it away, thinking I'd fix it the next day. But when I took it out of my bag, all the stitches that weren't bound off had come off the needles. I should have taken a WIP picture, but I didn't. This is the yarn, though:
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I was making a triangle shawl, but I think when I restart it it'll just be a rectangular stole-ish sort of thing.

After I put that away, I pulled out the bamboo shawl, which I'd already restarted once. The first time I scrapped it was because of this:
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When I picked it up last night, I'd only done 3 rows, and I thought I'd be fine. But my eyes were bothering me, and when I dropped a stitch, I decided that since I wasn't very far along, I'd just start it over ..... some other time.

I think I'm going to work on something really simple for a while.

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