10 September 2007

Just finished reading...

The Penguin Who Knew Too Much by Donna Andrews.

The eighth Meg Lanslow mystery has lost none of the goofiness that the series started with. In this episode, Meg and Michael are finally moving into the remodeled farmhouse. Unbeknownst to Meg, her father has been babysitting the penguins from the local zoo, which went bankrupt. Deciding they needed a cool place to stay, he starts digging a pond in her basement, when he discovers a body.

Mystery buff that he is, he is intrigued and wants to help the police with their investigation. But he is distracted by the remainder of the zoo animals which people keep delivering to Meg and Michael's farm. Frustrated, Meg decides that she has to figure out what's going on so that things will calm down at her new home.

Andrews does a great job of creating eccentric characters. One might even call them loony, in keeping witth bird theme of the title. Meg and Michael are perhaps the only two "normal" people in this world, and yet everyone seems quite realistic.

This is one series that just hasn't lost its freshness.... I look forward to more.

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