19 September 2007

Just finished reading....

California Demon by Julie Kenner.

I read so many series that I hardly have time to find new books. Really. So what am I doing starting a new one? But how could I resist that title?

Kate Connor could be Buffy Summers, grown up and married with kids. Altlhough, technically, Kate is a Demon Hunter, not a Vampire Slayer. Like Buffy, Kate started killing Bad Guys when she was just a kid. Then she married her Hunting partner, and they retired to start a family. But he's killed in what appears to be a random mugging, and though Kate eventually marries again and has another child, she discoveres that Demon Hunters can never really hang up their crossbows.

In this book, Kate has to deal with demon(s?) who are targeting the high school that her daughter Allie attends. It starts a little slowly, but the excitment soon picks up.

This is a fast, fun read. My only regret is that I've been unable to find the prequel, Carpe Demon.


  1. Marlyn,

    I've read all three (so far) in the series. I liked them. We have them in our public library-- up here in the frozen north (Lloydminster, Alberta).
    Like you I really shouldn't start new series but I still do. One I really like is the Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine.


  2. Loydminster? Really? I'm originally from Edmonton. The frozen north is the reason I live in Southern California. ;-)

  3. Marlyn,

    Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog. =) I'm so sorry that you couldn't see Stephanie when she was in L.A. - she really is delightful. I hope you have better luck (and that she speaks in a larger venue!) next time! Good luck getting the bamboo shawl back on track. It looks like it will be gorgeous when it's finished!

    ashpags =)


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