07 October 2007

Just finished reading...

Just Add Water by Jinx Schwartz.

I was lucky enough to receive copies of two of Jinx Schwartz's books in a recent drawing. Just Add Water is the first in the Hetta Coffey series.

Hetta is a single, independent, educated, financially secure woman. She's a self-employed civil engineer, who has worked all over the world. After several failed affairs and a broken engagement, she returns to her house in San Francisco, and settles in with her dog RJ, and manages just-fine-thank-you,

Having brunch on the waterfront one weekend, she is attracted by the yachts passing by. When her house starts to have some structural problems, she comes up with the idea of buying a boat to live on. But the little "incidents" that plagued her in the house don't stop when she moves into the boat....

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