01 January 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I'm a little exhausted today. Yesterday, mostly by myself, I undecorated the tree and put away all the Christmas decorations. When Tod got home from work, I helped him take the lights off the tree before he took it out. I'd really wanted to get it out of the house because it was so dry; in fact, when we were taking the lights off, there were so many pine needles falling on the floor it sounded like rain.

Tod and I went to Cafe Lafayette for dinner; they had a special NYE prix fixe menu that was very nice. Dessert was a berry tiramisu: ladyfingers, cream and several kinds of berries. It disappeared so fast, the only berries I actually identified were blueberries, but I think there were blackberries and raspberries, too.

We got home around 9:30, and watched movies with Katy and Josh until midnight, when we switched to Carson Daly in Times Square, and made a toast to the New Year. I know, not terribly exciting, huh?

Today, Tod and Sean went to the Rose Bowl. I got up waaaay to early to see them off, and didn't go back to bed because of the Penguins-Sabres outdoor hockey game. I was invited out to watch the Rose Bowl game this afternoon, but I think I'll just stay home.

The holiday week was very hectic, capped off by our party on Sunday, and I'm very tired. But happy!

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  1. Ha, at least you stayed up til midnight--I couldn't stay up past 10:30. Well, I wasn't feeling well, but still.


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