21 March 2008

Just finished reading...

Without Mercy by Toni L.P. Kelner.

I started this book on Wednesday night. Read a chapter, but had to force myself to close it because I could barely keep my eyes open. Thursday I didn't have to work, and I planted myself on couch and read the whole thing (with short breaks for things like making tea and other physical necessities).

Yeah, I really liked this book.

The protagonist, Tilda Harper, is a freelance journalist, who has somehow managed to specialize in "where-are-they-now" articles about formerly famous people. While writing a series about the stars of a 70s sitcom called Kissing Cousins, one of her informants points out to her that three of them have been died under mysterious circumstances, and hints at a serial killer. At first, Tilda pooh-poohs the idea, but then begins to wonder how she'd feel if her source happens to be right and the next person on her interview list is killed.

However, the next person on her list is Mercy Ashford, who disappeared shortly after the series was cancelled. Tilda decides that she must find Mercy and warn her, which is much easier decided than done. And what if Merch is really the killer?

Tilda is a wonderful protagonist: independent, intelligent and (mostly) sensible. I really enjoyed reading about her travels around the Boston area, as I used to live there.

I'm really looking forward to another Tilda Harper book!

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