01 April 2008

April Fool's Day News

All kinds of April Fool's jokes abound on the internets today.

Last night when I was on Ravelry, goofy hats suddenly began appearing on peoples' avatars. I was very confused, especially since it was only 9 p.m. here in California. Of course, the Ravelry crew are all on the east coast.

In political and sports news, John McCain will be campaigning at Burning Man 2008, while ESPN has Election Deathmatch Coverage.

NPR reports on a problem with the maple trees in New England, while all of the featured videos on YouTube lead here.

Google has been particularly busy. Ostensibly in partnership with Virgin airlines,m they have debuted a site they call Virgle, which is a project for the first human colony on Mars. I took the questionnaire to see if I qualified to be a Virgle pioneer, and here was the assessment:
Well, you're distressingly normal and could conceivably adjust to life as a deep space pioneer, though we recommend instead that you leave the Mars missions to the serious whack jobs who scored over 130 and instead finish year 3 of law school, tuck your toddler into bed, design Web 2.0 applications, run for Congress or do whatever other normal, healthy, middle-of-the-road thing you're currently doing with your normal, healthy, middle-of-the-road life.

Blogger announces the new Google Weblogs.

Google Books gives us a scratch'n'sniff option, but I think Google's very best April 1st innovation is the Wake-up Kit.

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