22 April 2008

Books that make you go "mmmmm"

Last week, quite by accident, I read three mysteries in a row with food themes.
The first was Laura Childs' Silver Needle Murder, which I reviewed a few days ago.

The second was Earthly Delights by Kerry Greenwood. This is the first in the Corinna Chapman series. Corinna is a former accountant, who has opened her own bakery in Melbourne, Australia. When she finds a comatose junkie outside her back door, she also discovers that addicts' bodies have been turning up all over the city. Finding the girl on her property makes her take it personally, and she sets out to find the killer.
This book made my mouth water with its descriptions of various baked goods, and when Corinna's apprentice starts experimenting with muffin recipes, I wanted to go into the kitchen and start baking.

Julie Hyzy's State of the Onion follows our heroine Olivia (Ollie) Paras in her quest to become the top chef at the White House. The current chef is supporting her, but she is challenged by the host of a well-known television cooking show.
Ollie's aspirations are jeopardized when she becomes involved in White House breach of security on her way to work. Despite being ordered to stay out of it by the Secret Service, she find herself drawn into the mystery when the supposed terrorist contacts her.
Lots of really tasty treats in this book, and luckily several recipes at the end.

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