11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I sent my ma a blooming tea sampler. I thought it was a clever play on flowers. When I talked to her a while ago, she said she "was quite excited" when she opened the package. She loves blooming teas, and the ones in the sampler are pretty fancy.

Tod sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a purple glass jug.

My step-son Sean called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day. He's working and studying and finishing up school projects so I won't see him today, but I was really touched that he remembered to call.

Katy gave me some beautiful rosebuds made of wood (!) that look like real roses, and an IOU for a Fullerton parent t-shirt.

My very meek and shy friend Virginia, who is overseas in Afghanistan, sent me a lovely Mother's Day/Thank You card for being so supportive.

We'll be having dinner at Kyle (Tod's brother) and Betsy's house. My MIL, Bonnie will be there, as will Betsy's mom, Mary. And Tod's sister Monica and daughter Meg, and Meg's friend Diana are visiting from Texas for the week, so along with Great-Aunt Annie, and Betsy's brother and sister and Michael (Kyle & Betsy's son) we'll have quite a crowd.

Added Monday morning:
It was a wonderful evening. I came very late to being a parent-figure, but it seems I'm doing okay.

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