26 July 2008

Just finished reading...

Not in the Flesh by Ruth Rendell.
The latest in the series (the 21st?) has Chief Inspector Wexford investigating the identity of a body found by a truffle hunter and his dog. What makes the search even more difficult is that he doesn't seem to have been missed by anyone. There's an interesting but incongruous sub-plot about female genital mutilation, as Wexford's daughter leads a campaign to stop it happening in immigrant communities.
Well-written as all of Rendell's books are; I never get tired of Wexford's adventures.

The Dirty Secrets Club by Meg Gardiner.
A standalone novel about Dr. Jo Beckett, a forensic psychiatrist who is investigating the car-crash death of a D.A. There are some words written on the attorney's leg in lipstick, which leads Beckett to think that the crash might not be accidental.
This is the first of Gardiner's books I've read, and I found it quite compelling. Beckett is a many-layered, human protagonist, and I'm hoping we might see more of her.

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  1. I keep meaning to read Rendell... must add the first to my library list!


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