17 July 2008

Vacation recap

I was not very consistent about blogging during our vacation (see that "blogging without obligation" button in the left-hand column?), but I thought I'd just do a quick summary of the itinerary.

We left home on Saturday June 29, and drove to Las Vegas. Katy and Josh came along, and we all saw Ka, which was very cool. The next day, Katy and Josh headed home, and Tod and I headed north. We stayed Sunday night in Ogden, UT.

Monday morning, we drove to Grand Teton National Park, stopping at Jackson Hole, WY for lunch. We stayed at Jackson Lake Lodge for two nights, then headed up to Yellowstone, where we stayed at the Lake Hotel (see previous post) for three nights.

Saturday morning, we headed towards Seattle, staying the night in Spokane on the way.
We spent a couple of nights in Seattle, at the Shafer Baillie Mansion.

Then we drove down the coast, stopping for single nights at the Tyee Lodge in Newport, Oregon; the Requa Inn in Klamath, CA; The Weller House in Fort Bragg; and the Hillview Country Inn in Napa.

The next Saturday we went to Yosemite, where we stayed at a B & B just outside the park. We spent Sunday exploring Yosemite, and on Monday, we headed home.

What a great vacation!

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