02 September 2008

Just finished reading...

The Writing Class by Jincy Willett.

I stumbled across this book while straightening shelves at work, and I'm glad I checked it out.

It's the story of Amy Gallup, whose first novel was published when she was 22. Not having published anything since, she's been teaching a university extention fiction workshop for years.

This semester's class seems no different than the usual, until she receives an anonymous phone call in the middle of the night. Then, her students start receiving bizarre notes and critiques. Amy is all for cancelling the class, but her students disagree, and decide to flush out the culprit.

Willett has a wonderful way with words. One of the ways in which Amy amuses herself is a blog with a list of "funny-looking words" and hybrid novel titles, such as The Runaway Bunny Jury.

This book was very enjoyable to read, and will likely be on my top ten list for the year.

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