17 November 2008

Just finished reading...

The fifth Isabel Dalhousie novel begins with a dinner party at the home of an old school chum of Isabel's. She's not really sure why she's been invited, but suspects it's so that her old friends can get a look at Jamie, the father of her infant son Charlie.

Later, she discovers that the reason for the invitation was actually so she could meet Stella Moncrieff, whose physician husband has been forced to resign due to a prescription error. Mrs. Moncrieff asks Isabel to prove her husband's innocence, of which she is adamantly confident. Isabel agrees to look into it, which she does, despite her other obligations, including minding her niece's delicatessan while the young woman is on vacation.

I love this series. They are mysteries, though not all revolve around a murder. The writing is serene and thoughtful, and there's a lot of philosophical thought, not all of which is related to Isabel's position as editor/publisher of The Review of Applied Ethics. Like all the others in the series, this book was a delight to read, and left me a little wistful at its end.

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