25 March 2009

Just finished reading...

In the third volume of the Spellmans series, our intrepid heronine Isabel is in court-ordered therapy after ignoring a restraining order filed by her neighbour. Isabel is also taking a self-inflicted break from the family detective agency and working in her friend Milo's bar.
Her brother David asks her to house-sit for him, and she discovers that he has an empty apartment in his basement, which comes in handy when she loses her job at the bar. She secretly moves into the apartment, whilst working on a case for a friend of Milo's, attending therapy sessions, and trying to decide what she wants to do with her life.
The Spellmans are an interesting, if unusual family. Isabel's generation all grew up in the family firm, and while her older brother David decided not to continue in the business, Isabel did. However, she has a great deal of difficulty differentiating the business of a private detective from regular life, and treats most of her daily activities and contacts as if they were investigations.
I loved this book, but I do have a problem with the footnotes, which I find terribly distracting.

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