04 May 2009

Just finished reading...

A Date You Can't Refuse by Harley Jane Kozak.

The fourth Wollie Shelley mystery finds our heroine taking a job as a spy. No, really.
It all begins with jury duty. After the trial, the defendant offers Wollie a job as a "social coach" for foreign celebrities. Although she feels uncomfortable with the whole concept, she accepts because the salary is exceptional and she needs the money. Then an FBI colleague of Simon's asks her to spy on her new employer, and she can't think of a way to say "no".

When she finds out that the previous "social coach" was killed in a freak accident, she gets nervous, but the FBI handler blackmails her into staying by suggesting that her brother, who is psychologically unstable, might be unable to stay in his halfway house. She stumbles along, feeling incompetent in both jobs, and trying to find a way to get out.

Wollie reminds me a little bit of Lucy Ricardo. Or maybe Stephanie Plum. Or a combination of the two. She has the best of intentions, but somehow things tend to go awry, putting her in extremely awkward situations.

I'd like to see Wollie more often!

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