18 September 2009

Just finished reading...

Eggs in Purgatory by Laura Childs.

This is the first book in the Cackleberry Club Mystery series by Laura Childs, who also writes the Tea Shop Mysteries and the Scrapbook Mysteries.

Suzanne and her best friends Toni and Petra are co-owners of The Cackleberry Club, a restaurant/teashop/bookstore/yarn shop that has become very popular in the burgeoning town of Kindred.

One morning her attorney, Bobby Waite brings over some papers for her to sign, and a little while later, is found in his truck outside the building, with a bullet in his chest.

Believing that the local sheriff is in over his head, Suzanne decides to investigate on her own, and ends up trying to clear her husband's name of fraud. Once again, Childs has created some wonderful characters. But the plot just requires too many coincidences and wild leaps of logic in order to reveal the killer's identity.

I haven't really noticed this in her other series, so hopefully it's an anomaly. I'm looking forward to getting to know the inhabitants of Kindred, and trying out some of the recipes from the Cackleberry Club.

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