16 October 2009

Just listened to...

Missing Mark by Julie Kramer.

Julie Kramer was kind enough to send me this audiobook to donate to my local library, which I'm happy to do now that I've listened to it.

The sequel to 2008's Stalking Susan has investigative reporter Riley Spartz trying desperately to find the right story for sweeps season. A newspaper ad for a never-worn wedding dress leads Riley to a search for a Mark Lefevre, who vanished just before his wedding. Did he get cold feet and run away, or has something more sinister happened?

When Mark's mother is found dead, an apparent suicide,a few days after Riley interviews her, Riley becomes more and more intrigued.

Getting in the way of her investigation is her producer's request that she search for a record-sized fish known as Big-Mouth Billy Bass, who has been kidnapped from an aquarium in the Mall of America. This second storyline is far-fetched, but does add some humour to the story.

I enjoyed listening to this, once I got used to Bernadette Dunne's tone of voice, which I found a little coy.

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