14 November 2009

Just finished reading...

Midnight Fugue by Reginald Hill.

A new Dalziel and Pascoe novel is always a cause of happiness for me. This one did not disappoint.

After a severe injury that left him in a coma, Andy Dalziel has decided to return to work sooner than advised. He's sure that everyone will be judging him to see if he's really ready, and thinking that he should just give up and retire. He gets a call from an old colleague, Mick Purdy, asking him to take an unofficial look into the case of a policeman who disappeared seven years earlier.

Dalziel bumbles a bit at first, and when one of his officers is injured, it seems that he should really have taken more time to rest. Pascoe and Wield begin to wonder if they'll continually have to mop up his messes, as is the reader.

This is a complicated tale of greed, mistaken (or maybe not?) identity, and possible police corruption.

Hill's prose is a treat to read, and as usual, I was torn between wanting to find out how the book ended and prolonging my enjoyment. I managed a happy medium, and although I thought the ending was too coincidental, it was nonetheless satisfying.

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