21 January 2010

Just finished reading...

A Bad Day for Sorry by Sophie Littlefield.

Stella Hardesty owns a sewing shop in a small town in Missouri. Since she dealt with her abusive husband by dealing him a fatal blow to the head with a wrench, she's also had another job on the side.

She helps other women deal with the men who abuse them. She's quite proud of the fact that she hasn't killed any of them; most of them only need a stern talking-to accompanied by a little ... bondage or perhaps something a tad more physical.

But when Chrissy Shaw asks for her in dealing with her ex Roy Dean a second time, Stella is a little annoyed. She's even more annoyed when Chrissy turns up on her doorstep telling her that Roy Dean has abducted her son Tucker. Stella is a good citizen and informs the local sherriff, who can only proceed through legal channels, and when those prove insufficient, she and an angry Chrissy decide to find Tucker themselves.

Littlefield's first mystery has been nominated for an Edgar award. A second book in the series A Bad Day for Pretty, is due in June 2010.

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