24 February 2010

New (book) acquisitions

Barrett, Lorna. Bookplate Special : A Booktown mystery.
Kelner, Toni L.P. Who Killed the Pinup Queen: A "Where are they Now" mystery.
Orgain, D. Bundle of Trouble: A maternal instincts mystery.
Warner, Penny. How to Host a Killer Party: A party-planning mystery.

O'Dea, Stephanie. Make it Fast, Cook it Slow: The big book of everyday slow cooking.

And a gift for hubby: Michael Connelly's Angels Flight.


  1. I'm still waiting for the library to send me the second book in the bookstore mysteries series.

  2. I buy them because the library's budget is frozen. My original intent was to donate them after I read them, but I'm having some difficulty parting with them.

  3. I also recently bought BOOKPLATE SPECIAL. The cover art for this series is so attractive that I find it irresistible. Fortunately, the books themselves are good too!


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