03 March 2010

Just finished reading...

Royal Flush (A Royal Spyness Mystery) by Rhys Bowen.

Poor Georgie. She tries so hard to be sophisticated and clever, and then does something to prove just how naive she really is. The posh people leave London in the summer to go to the country, and as a result, Georgie's little business is not doing too well. When Belinda asks Georgie to have dinner with a visiting American in Belinda's place, Georgie has a fabulous idea. The next day, she rushes down to the Times office and places an ad as an escort for visiting gentlemen. Of course, this doesn't mean what Georgie thinks it does, and her first client ideas for evening activities are much different than she expects.

Luckily, her old acquaintance Darcy appears and spirits her away. The next day, she is summoned by the Deputy Commissioner of Scotland Yard, who tells her he has a job for her, which requires that she go to Castle Rannoch keep an eye on the Prince of Wales, who appears to be on somone's hit list. Georgie is certain that she's being shipped off to Scotland to keep her out of trouble, and is equally certain who squealed on her.

But upon arriving at her family home, she realizes that there really is someone after the Prince. Or is Georgie herself the real target?

As usual, Georgie suffers a number of close calls whilst investigating, and the culprit turns out to be someone she'd never suspected!

The next book about charming Lady Georgiana is due in the fall of 2010, and involves a visit to Transylvania. I can hardly wait!

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