15 March 2010

Left Coast Crime 2010 -- Booked in L.A.

For the past year or so, I've been on the organizing committee for Left Coast Crime 2010. Last week, Booked in L.A. finally happened! Here are some of my highlights:

- All the fabulous donations for the silent auction.
- Goofing around with Barry Eisler and Laurie R. King.
- The LOL panel, where Harley Jane Kozak and the four panelists all wore clown wigs.
- Having drinks with Paul Levine, Sophie Littlefield, Juliet Blackwell...
- Meeting Joanne Dobson, Stephen Jay Schwartz and John Gilstrap.
- Constantly running into Kris Neri.
- Re-connecting with Toni Kelner.
- Being one of the first to ride the "new" Angels Flight.
- Sitting next to Lee Child at the Awards Banquet.
- Having breakfast with Jan and Tim Burke.
- The hotel's breakfast hot chocolate.
- The lovely "thank-you" gift from the LCC Committee.

Once I click publish, I'm sure I'll think of a dozen more highlights, but I'll just offer a link to the Facebook Page, where I (and several others) have posted photos and comments.

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