06 April 2010

Just finished reading...

Who Killed the Pinup Queen? by Toni L.P. Kelner.

This is the second of the Where Are They Now mystery series featuring freelance writer Tilda Harper. Tilda's focus is on entertainment news, and she's a big fan of classic television, so when she's asked to do a series of articles about a 1950s Western called Cowtown, she's thrilled.

She rushes to finish the article she's doing on pinup queen Sandra Sechrest, a contemporary of Bettie Page. Returning to Sandra's apartment late one night after forgetting her camera there, Tilda finds Sandra lying on the floor surrounded by blood.

She immerses herself in research for the Western article, hoping it will help her deal with the nightmares resulting from her grisly discovery. What she doesn't expect is that the two subjects will be linked by more than era, and finally realizes that the only way the nightmares will stop is if she figures out who killed Sandra.

Ms. Kelner's research into 50s-era television shows and pinup queens is obviously extensive. She's even created quotes from a fictional overview of Cowtown for the chapter headings.

Descriptions of Tilda's life as a struggling freelance writer are convincing, as are her relationships with co-workers and friends. I'm certain that roommate Colleen is drawn from a woman I shared an apartment with when I was in grad school!

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