29 May 2010

Just finished reading...

Bookplate Special by Lorna Barrett*.

The third Booktown Mystery begins with protagonist Tricia Miles asking her houseguest Pammy Fredericks, to leave. Tricia hadn't seen her college roommate in many years, and was not expecting to have a freeloader descend upon her for two weeks.

At first, Tricia feels strong and assertive, but later she's wracked with guilt. This guilty feeling is exacerbated when, taking out the trash for her sister Angelica, Tricia finds Pammy dead, face down in the dumpster.

It's obvious that Pammy has been murdered, and Tricia can't help but feel responsible. When she learns that Pammy was trying to blackmail more than one Stoneham resident, she feels less so. And when the threatening phone calls asking for "the diary", Tricia decides she has to find out who killed her old friend.

Tricia's older sister Angelica is an annoyance, completely arrogant and egotistical, bossing younger sibling as if she's still a child.

However, the majority of the characters are engaging, the plot is absorbing and the identity of the killer came as a complete surprise.

Another fine entry in this enjoyable series.



  1. I need to start back reading books again!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through the blog-hop.
    Feel free to stop by my blog and check it out. :)



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