01 July 2010

Just finished reading...

Avenging Angels by Mary Stanton.*

I finished the third book in the Beaufort and Company series at the Halifax airport yesterday during our 3-hour layover.

Bree Winston-Beaufort, Esq., has accompanied her gorgeous sister Antonia to an estate auction. While inspecting a desk, she is surprised to hear someone ask her to help him. Since the Russell O'Rourke, owner of the desk had recently committed suicide, she assumed that the voice belonged to him, and set out to help his spirit "pass through".

Upon investigation, though, the death seems more and more like a murder, and Bree and her otherworldly staff intend to prove it. When there is another murder with a similar m.o., this becomes easier.

Bree's deductive process is described fairly completely, but the conclusion seemed a little abrupt to me. It felt as though there should have been one more expository chapter before the last one, but perhaps that was because I felt somewhat distracted while reading.

The concept of a legal advocate for the dead is an interesting one, and Ms. Stanton's legal explorations are interesting. I don't know enough about the technicalities of law to comment on their accuracy, but they certainly seem so, to me.

That most of her staff, including the three dogs, Sasha, Miles and Belli, exist on both the temporal plane and the celestial one is a concept I'd love to see explored in more detail.

*Purchsed for my Sony Reader.

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