16 July 2010

Just finished reading...

Chapter & Hearse (A Booktown Mystery) by Lorna Barrett.*

In the fourth volume of the Booktown Mystery series, Tricia's sister Angelica is launching her newly-published book. Easy-Does-It Cooking with a at her own bookstore, The Cookery. In an effort to soothe Angelica, who is upset that no one has shown up, Tricia decides to go down the street and find her sister's significant other, Bob Kelly. But before Tricia reaches the historical bookstore where Bob is talking to the proprietor, there is an explosion and Tricia is knocked unconscious. The explosion kills Jim Roth, the owner of History Repeats Itself. Luckily, Bob is not seriously injured, but for some reason, he's evading Angelica's efforts to take care of him.

Tricia, Angelica and the other denizens of Stoneham are mostly well-written characters that we care about (though, like any big sister, Angelica sometimes needs a kick in the pants!). However, there are too many possible villains here, and the solution to the mystery is unnecessarily complex.

Still, this is a quick, engaging read, and fans of the series will not be disappointed.

*Review copy received from publisher.

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