22 July 2010

Just finished reading...

A Deadly Row by Casey Mayes.*

The first book in a new series by Casey Mays (a pseudonym for the extremely prolific Tim Myers) introduces us to Savannah Stone, a former high school math teacher, who now writes math and logic puzzles for a living. Her husband Zach is a retired police officer, having been forced to resign his position as Chief of Police in Charlotte, NC after being shot. Savannah's job allows her to travel with her husband when he's hired to consult with various police forces.

Having recently moved to a mountain cottage, Savannah is not pleased when one of Zach's first consulting gigs is with his old police department in Charlotte. But she's even more reluctant to stay home when he reveals that the case he's helping with may relate to the safety of their old friend Grady Winslow, now the mayor of Charlotte.

Once they arrive in Charlotte and learn that the perpetrator is sending cryptic messages about his plans, it becomes obvious that Savannah's puzzle-creating and -solving skills will be useful in solving the case.

This unusual combination of police procedural and intellectual puzzle with a little cozy thrown in works very well in Mayes' capable hands, and bodes well for future entries in the series.

*Thanks to the author for sending me an ARC.

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