13 September 2010


As a former young adult librarian, I still like to read books aimed at the age group, so when Bekka Black asked for people to read and comment on her new young adult project, I eagerly raised my hand.

The project, she explained, was an ebook, but not an ordinary, everyday one. iDrakula is a version of the classic tale transplanted to New York in 2010. Mina's boyfriend Jonathan Harker is his friend Randy's father Frank. He's been sent to Romania on business, and communicates with Mina by text message and email, until the batteries run out, and he is forced to be incommunicado.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Dracula story or vampire lore, screenshots include pages from the fictional Drakipedia and vMed, a virtual medical encyclopedia.

The book consists of iPhone and email screenshots, and will be available as an iPhone,iPod or iPad app this month for the extremely modest sum of 99 cents. A print version will also be available in early October.

It's a quick read, and lots of fun. Although I've only seen a black-and-white mock-up, the app version sounds intriguing, and I'm definitely going to spring for it.

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