05 October 2010

Just finished reading...

Dirty Rotten Tendrils by Kate Collins.*

Local boy Cody Verse won America's Next Hit Single with his song Code Blue, but his childhood pal Andrew Chapper is suing him, claiming that he actually wrote the lyrics. The whole town is in an uproar because Cody has returned to New Chapel for the trial, and Abby Knight, owner of Bloomers flower shop, hopes things will be back to normal soon. Andrew's lawyer is Dave Hammond, whom Abby once clerked for, while Cody has retained local piranha Ken "The Lip" Lipinski.

Her hopes are dashed when Dave Hammond's primary piece of evidence diappears, and Lipinski is accused of having stolen it. When The Lip is found dead in his office the next day, Dave is the number one suspect, and Abby and her guy Marco scramble to clear his name.

Dirty Rotten Tendrils, the tenth book in the Flower Shop Mystery series,has remained fresh, probably because the characters grow and change.

For those who may not have read earlier books in this delightful series, Abby dropped out of law school after one year, and purchased a flower shop in her home town of New Chapel, Indiana. Her significant other, Marco Salvares, owns a bar & grill called Down the Hatch not far away, and moonlights as a private investigator, often aided in his avocation by Abby.

Kate Collins has recently suffered a personal tragedy and will be unable to do promotions for this book (released today) for a while. I encourage her fans to purchase a copy of Dirty Rotten Tendrils for your local library.

*Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy.

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