03 December 2010

Just finished reading...

The Diva Cooks a Goose by Krista Davis.

For the first time, Sophie's family is celebrating Christmas at the home of her brother George, his wife Laci, and their daughter Jen. But when Sophie, Wolf and Hannah arrive at the suburban home on Christmas Eve, there are police cruisers with flashing lights on the street and people milling about on the lawns.

It turns out that somebody has stolen all the Christmas presents out from underneath the Christmas trees in the neighbourhood homes. Since it's obvious that the thief won't be found overnight, Sophie and her family organize a toy drive so the kids can have something to open on Christmas morning.

The next day, Laci's father Forrest (who has been separated from his wife for only a few months) arrives at the party with a woman named Bonnie, who happens to be a professional acquaintance of Sophie's and the mother of Shawna's (Laci's sister) boyfriend.

At a Boxing Day dinner hosted by Bonnie, ostensibly to announce Shawna and Beau's engagement, Bonnie instead announces a surprise of her own. That evening, when
Sophie goes to Bonnie's home for a scheduled meeting, she finds Bonnie's body.

Certain that someone in Laci's family will be accused of the crime, and with Wolf away visiting family, Sophie is forced to investigate on her own.

A fantastic stay-up-all-night read. This series just keeps getting better!

*Many thanks to the publisher for the review copy!

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