21 December 2010

Just finished reading...

A Killer Crop (Apple Orchard Mystery #4) by Sheila Connolly.*

It's Meg's first harvest in the apple orchard. Having decided she's going to learn about the business from the bottom up, she's working as a picker. And because she's understaffed, she's working hard.

When her mother appears, unannounced, on her doorstep, Meg isn't terribly pleased, but decides to try to make the best of it. Then, they find out that the old friend Elizabeth Corey has been visiting was found dead on the floor of a cider house. When Meg tries to find out why she was visiting this man, and why her mother didn't notify her of her visit, Elizabeth clams up. Meg is worried that her mother might have been having an affair, and becomes even more worried when Elizabeth is interrogated by the police.

Meg is determined to find out what happened and prove her mother's innocence, even if Elizabeth won't cooperate.

This series is very different from Connolly's Museum Mystery series, but the author's love of history us evident in both. The joy of learning the history of a place and a family is conveyed skilfully.

An engaging and engrossing mystery, even if you haven't read the previous books in the series.

*FTC Full disclosure - Many thanks to the publisher, who sent me a copy of the book for review purposes.

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