20 January 2011

Just finished reading...

Home for a spell (Bewitching Mystery #7) by Madelyn Alt.*

Maggie O'Neill is slowly adjusting to her recently discovered empathic abilities. But breaking her leg and being forced to stay with someone, even if it is her new guy Marcus, is frustrating for the normally independent young woman. She's even more frustrated when she finds out that Marcus is considering delaying going back to school for a degree until she's better. Since she can't go back to her own basement apartment, and her best friend/neighbour Steff is moving away anyway, she decides to look for a new main-floor apartment.

Expecting that this will be difficult in the small town of Stony Mill, she is extremely surprised when she find what seems to be the perfect place on her first day of searching. But when she goes to sign the rental agreement the following day and finds the manager floating face-down in the swimming pool, she has second thoughts.

After six previous titles in the series, Maggie and her Stony Mill companions seem almost like family. We see little of Maggie's actual family here, though, and even Steff makes a token appearance. Most of the story concentrates on Maggie's relationship with Marcus and her employer/advisor Felicity. There's also much less paranormal activity than in the earlier books. None of this is a liability in any way; the story appears to be a bridge towards the next phase of Maggie's life.

This quick, enjoyable installment in the series really whets the readers appetite for what comes next for Maggie.

*FTC Full Disclosure: Many thanks to the publisher, who sent me a copy of the book for review purposes.


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    as requested - purple rabbits foot

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    ummm, I;m not Cornelia - just a good shopper!


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