24 March 2011

The hard part is over

Today was the first day of sessions at Left Coast Crime. I was asked to moderate a panel called Growing New Readers, a topic I found rather ambiguous.

My panelists were Rebecca Cantrell, Chris Eboch, Lea Wait who have published books for both young people and adults, and Andi Davis who has written an as yet unpublished novel for adults.

I decided to start out with the admission that none of us quite knew what the assigned topic really meant, and then asked each panelist to talk a bit about her work. We had a conversational tone that seemed to be enjoyed by the audience.

My wonderful husband was kind enough to be our photographer. Oh, and I was pleasantly surprised to see one of my first English professors, Kay Stewart in attendance!

It was fun, but I'm happy that now I can relax and just be a fan.

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