03 March 2011

Just finished reading...

A Deadly Cliché (Books by the Bay #2) by Ellery Adams.*

On the Saturday before Labor Day, while walking her dog on the beach near her home, Olivia Limoges comes across a dead body, obviously the result of foul play. It soon occurs to Olivia, who is helping her friend Laurel write an article for the local paper, that the murder might be related to a rash of home burglaries in the seaside town of Oyster Bay, North Carolina.

As a member of the Bayside Book Writers Group, Police Chief Sawyer Rawlings feels comfortable asking his fellow writers to help him ponder the available evidence. He doesn't expect that Olivia and the other members of the group will get involved in a more active way and possibly put themselves in danger.

Ellery Adams (a pseudonym for J.B. Stanley) is a gifted writer. Not only is A Deadly Cliché the sort of book one wants to read all the way through in one sitting, during the course of the story Olivia edits sample chapters of the books that members of the writers group are working on. The chapters are included, and they could easily turn into engrossing stories themselves!

The volume includes the first chapter of the third book in the series, to be titled The Last Word.

*FTC Full Disclosure: Many thanks to the publisher, who sent me a copy of the book for review purposes.

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