08 March 2011

Recently received

3-2011 008

Bit Player (Jeri Howard mystery #10) by Janet Dawson (Perseverance Press, April 7, 2011).
Young and pretty, Jerusha Layne (Jeri Howard's grandmother) spent five years in Tinseltown, working as an extra and hoping for stardom. But she found love instead, marrying Ted Howard in 1942, after Pearl Harbor changed everything. But was there another reason Jerusha left town, involving an actor's unsolved murder? And how does this decades-old crime connect with movie memorabilia and modern-day murders?

Of Good and Evil by Gerald R. Griffin (Eloquent Books, July 2010).
Psychically gifted Ron Sheffield, discharged from the Green Berets for "going crazy", finds himself protecting important documents from mobsters and terrorists. He becomes a Mafia hitman, which brings him in contact a secret society for mentally gifted people, and he is able to increase his mental gifts unimaginably. Then Ron is confronted with the imminent nuclear obliteration of a major American city by a suicidal terrorist cell that only he can stop.

Shadows of a Down East Summer (Antique Print mystery #5) by Lea Wait (Perseverance Press, April 7, 2011).
In the summer of 1891 two young Maine women posed for artist Winslow Homer. What happened that summer changed their families forever. Now one of their descendants has been murdered, leaving Maggie Summer the family papers that may finally reveal the truth. Her vision of a romantic vacation in Maine visiting Aunt Nettie and antiquing with beau Will Brewer turns into a murder investigation. But she must discover which, if any, of the families' perceptions are realities, before she, or someone she cares about, becomes the next victim.

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