07 June 2011

To-do lists

I was so charmed by Kate Connelly's to-do lists at the beginning of each chapter of the books in the Maternal Instincts mysteries, that I asked Kate's creator what her own to-do lists look like. In response, Diana Orgain sent me an example.

Here is Diana's list for Thursday, June 2:

1. Run 45 minutes (make sure mp3 player is charged!)

2. Write 1000 words

3. Attend conference calls for day job

4. Prepare speech for Type A Parent Conference (am giving a workshop in late June)

5. Decide on grout color for backsplash (am in week 5 of kitchen remodel!)

6. Volunteer at son’s pre-school (it’s a co-op and today is my final workday before summer)

7. What’s for dinner? (tired of BBQ and eating out…kitchen will be done soon…but not before tonight!)

It seems Diana is better at completing the tasks on her list than Kate, for which her readers should be most grateful!



  1. Loved this post! I live by lists and mine are similar to Diana's. I met Diana at Bouchercon a few years back and she's terrific.

  2. I've always like interesting chapter headers-it's a clever device for setting the mood. As for me, I wish I were organized enough to think out a to-do list for the day. I'm lucky if I can punch in a reminder on my iPhone.


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