05 August 2011

Just finished reading...

Die Buying by Laura DiSilverio.*

Yet another new series about a young woman with an unusual occupation presents E.J. (Emma-Joy) Ferris, a former military police officer forced to retire due to injury. Her new means of supporting herself is as a security officer in the Fernglen Galleria, a shopping mall not far from Washington, D.C.

Unable to become a police officer due to an injured knee and frustrated at having to be a "mall cop" with a Segway, whose most difficult task is rounding up reptiles released from a pet store by animal activists, E.J. hopes that finding a corpse in a store window will make her job more challenging. However, the police, in the form of tall, blond Detective Sergeant Anders Helland of the Vernonville Police Department, are unmoved by her eagerness to assist and virtually pat her on the head and tell her to go home.

With both the police and her employers actively discouraging her from helping, E.J. enlists the aid of her grandfather, an ex-CIA agent who "likes to keep his hand in" to investigate.

A former Air Force Intelligence Officer herself, Ms. DiSilverio adroitly captures the frustration of a young woman unable to do many of the challenging things she loves due to an injury. The problem with knowing this is the first in a series is the predication that E.J. will continue to be a mall cop (thus probably a frustrated one). Hey, perhaps she could work undercover for the police...

*FTC Full Disclosure: Many thanks to the publisher, who sent me a copy of the book for review purposes.

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