24 October 2011

Just finished reading...

Sunrise on Cedar Key by Terri Dulong.*

The human protagonist (the real main character is Cedar Key, Florida) of the third novel in the Cedar Key series is Grace Stone.
We've met her before: she's the owner of the village's coffee shop, Coffee, Tea and Thee. This story begins with Grace at the home of her Aunt Maude in Brunswick, where they are packing up for Maude's move to Cedar Key.

Just before the movers arrive to load up the truck, Grace receives a call from the Cedar Key fire chief, telling her that the building containing her shop and apartment has burnt down.

Grace is, of course, devastated. Cedar Key was where she'd gone to get a fresh start after the heartbreaking end of a long-term relationship. Now, she'll have to start over again, with little more than the clothes on her back.

Luckily, her Aunt Maude is moving to Cedar Key, where she's purchased a home. Maude invites Grace to live in her upstairs apartment while she figures out what she'll do.

This is a charming addition to the tales of Cedar Key. Focussing on a different character in each novel while continuing the stories of the others in the background is not an unusual technique, but Dulong uses it skilfully, especially the concept of coming to terms with one's past in order to move on.

*Many thanks to the author for the Advanced Reading Copy. I've done my best to write an impartial review.

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