01 February 2012

Just finished reading...

One Book in the Grave by Kate Carlisle (Bibliophile Mystery #5). 

In this installment, Brooklyn is asked to look at a book recently purchased by one of her clients who happens to the the head curator of the fictional Covington Library in San Francisco.  But it turns out that the book he wants her to restore was a gift she had given to a dear friend, which was subsequently stolen. 

The friend to whom she'd gifted the book, Max Adams, had died in a car accident, and the book had been taken from his fiancée's apartment.
When Brooklyn goes to the dealer who had sold the book to the Library, she finds him on the floor of his shop, stabbed to death.

After dealing with the police, Brooklyn heads to her car to leave and finds that all the tires have been slashed.  Now it's personal, and Brooklyn has to find out exactly why.

It seems a long time since the previous book in this series, Murder Under Cover was released, but investigation shows that it's been less than a year.  This is one of my favorite recent series, mainly because of the protagonist, Brooklyn Wainwright and her fascinating profession:  a bookbinder who specializes in antique and rare books. 

Brooklyn grew up in a commune  just a few hours from the city, where her parents now own a winery, and two of her sisters have businesses as well.  When Brooklyn returns for the grand opening of her sister's gourmet restaurant, she discovers that she may be in danger as well.

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