13 April 2012

Recently received

Mrs. Jeffries Defends Her Own (Victorian Mystery #30)  by Emily Brightwell (Berkley Prime Crime mass market, 1 May 2012).

When the general office manager of Sutcliffe Manufacturing is murdered, no one is really surprised. Ronald Dearman was anything but a dear man. The tyrannical bully had more than enough enemies to go around. But who hated him enough to walk into his office and put a bullet between his eyes?
For once, Inspector Gerald Witherspoon doesn't get the case, it's given to another inspector.  Then someone from Mrs. Jeffries' past—someone she'd hoped to never see again—shows up and begs for her help. Now Mrs. Jeffries must step into the fray and stop a terrible miscarriage of justice…

All Sales Fatal (Mall Cop #2) by Laura DiSilverio (Berkley Prime Crime mass market, 1 May 2012).

On good days, Fernglen Galleria is a tranquil haven of capitalist splendor—but today is not one of those days. Arriving for her morning shift, E.J. spots a sleeping homeless person outside the east entrance. But the teenage boy turns out to be neither homeless nor asleep. He is, however, dead.
With half the security cameras sabotaged, no one can be sure what happened. E.J. is determined to help solve the case—whether Homicide Detective Helland likes it or not. Uncovering a deadly conspiracy right in her own mall, E.J is about to catch a killer, or get put on lay-away for good…

The Big Kitty (Sunny & Shadow #1) by Claire Donally (Berkley Prime Crime mass market, 1 May 2012). 

Sunny Coolidge left her New York City newspaper job to go back to Maine and take care of her ailing father.  But there's not much excitement in Kittery Harbor.  So when Ada Spruance, the local cat lady, asks for help finding her missing lottery ticket, Sunny agrees.  But when she arrives at Ada's trailed by a stray cat named Shadow, they discover the elderly woman dead at the bottom of her staircase.  Was it an accident, or did Ada's death have something to do with the lottery ticket, which turns out to be worth millions of dollars.

A Deadly Grind (Vintage Kitchen #1) by Victoria Hamilton (Berkley Prime Crime mass market, 1 May 2012).

When vintage cookware and cookbook collector Jaymie Leighton spies an original 1920s Hoosier brand kitchen cabinet at an estate auction, it’s love at first sight. Despite the protests of her sister that their 19th-century yellow-brick house th is already too cluttered with Jaymie’s “junk,” she successfully outbids the other buyers and triumphantly takes home her Hoosier.
Leaving the Hoosier on the front porch overnight, she wakes up the next morning to find that a strange man has been murdered and left on her porch.  Does his death have anything to do with the Hoosier?

The Wild Wood Enquiry (Ivy Beasley #3) by Ann Purser (Berkley Prime Crime mass market, 1 May 2012).

Apart from the unwelcome noise made by the morning cleaning crew, life has been quiet at Springfields Home for the Elderly. Too quiet, in fact. Ivy and her team of sleuths, Enquire Within, have resorted to finding lost cats, and Gus is even threatening to return to his memoirs. But no sooner does he attempt to put a winning phrase together than he receives a call from his ex-wife, Katherine, who is in desperate needs of a place to hide.
Though Gus has a difficult time getting a straight answer from Kath, something is most certainly afoot, and soon Enquire Within is back in business. This time they have their hands full, not only with missing pets, but missing jewels, and evidence of foul play uncomfortably close to their too quiet home…

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