10 May 2012

May 10 is World Lupus Day

I was going to prepare an information-filled post for today, but I was thwarted by the birth of my first nephew yesterday afternoon.
So I'm just going to post a snippet from www.cure4lupus.org:

Since 2004, May 10th has been World Lupus Day. The World Lupus Day Steering Committee issued a proclamation that is a call to action for every government to increase public funding of Lupus research, awareness and patient services.
There are many other ways to participate in World Lupus Day. On this day, there are many events, walks and conferences scheduled all over the globe aimed at raising Lupus Awareness, raising money for Lupus research, and finding new and innovative ways of treating the disease. If there is not an event scheduled near you, could: consider planning an event, contact your government officials asking them to support Lupus awareness and fund Lupus research, wear and display World Lupus Day products, and Lupus Awareness Month products to show your support and let others know it is World Lupus Day and Lupus Awareness Month.

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